SOLAS Chapter II-2
Firefighter safety equipment regulation
20/04/2018, Croatia
SOLAS Chapter II-2 requires every SOLAS-regulated ship built after 1st July 2014 to have the right fire safety equipment in place by 1st July 2018. Non-complying vessels can be detained, incurring significant costs and delays to their shipping schedule.
Each Fire Party on board must have at least 2 dedicated UHF handheld radios
All firefighting radios must meet SOLAS regulatory standards
Failing this can result in ports detaining each contravening vessel
Port fees can exceed $20,000 - $30,000 USD per day
Cost of delays to shipping schedules can exceed USD $100,000 per day
Fires can occur anytime, so you need the right equipment on board right now

Product Sheet
Orbis Discovery
The latest newsletter edition 
14/10/2018, Croatia

The ORBIS DISCOVERY is the newsletter that Bora Mare is publishing every 2 months. 

In this newsletter we inform our readers with the latest news in the maritime industry, latest news about Bora Mare, New products, Discounts, etc.....
By publishing our newsletter we want to come to our customers. Like this the customer will always be up-to-date.

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Newest Promo Video
Bora Mare 2018 - Promo Video 
17/10/2018, Croatia

The Bora Mare promo video is showing the activities and services that we can provide to our customers.

Its giving a clear view on the type of installations, services we perform on the different type of vessels in the maritime industry. 

All these services are covered wordwide, thanks to the wide partner network that we have established thru the years.

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